About Me

Who am I? I did not become a Web Designer by accident; It all stemmed from an upbringing in New Jersey. After school my dad would teach me about computer networks, software, and the workings of the Internet. Being so close to the city, my parents brought me to some of New York City’s best art Museums on the weekends. And thus, from an early age, I developed the ambition to pursue graphic design.


After moving to South Florida, I earned a BFA in Graphic Design, refining my design skills into usable works of art. With this foundation, today I am able to apply the fundamentals of print design to create beautiful, user-friendly websites. I have a minimalist eye and can’t help but notice the composition of my everyday surroundings. I am guilty of turning away from a perfectly good restaurant because of a bad logo or menu design.


By day, I work as a Web Designer with a team for a large e-commerce business. In the evenings my focus turns to freelance work for small businesses, family and friends. My free time is spent relaxing at home watching cult classics, jamming out to some Classic Rock or adventuring throughout South Florida and beyond.